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(Ask Me Why)
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{{Infobox Single <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->|
{{Infobox Single <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->|
| Name          = Ask Me Why
| Cover          =Please Please Me 45.jpg
| Caption        =
| Artist        = [[The Beatles]]
| Album          = [[Please Please Me]]
| A-side        = "[[Please Please Me (song)|Please Please Me]]"
| Released      = [[11 January]], [[1963]] <small>(UK)</small><br/>[[25 February]], [[1963]] <small>(US)</small>
| Recorded      = [[26 November]] [[1962]]
| Genre          = [[Beat music|Beat]], [[Rock and roll]]
| Length        = 2:24
| Writer        = [[Lennon/McCartney|McCartney/Lennon]]
| Label          = [[Parlophone]] <small>R4983 (UK)</small><br/>[[Vee-Jay Records|Vee-Jay]] <small>498 (US)</small>
| Producer      = [[George Martin]]
| Misc          = {{Extra track listing
| Album          = [[Please Please Me]]
| Type          = studio
| Tracks        = ;Side one
# "[[I Saw Her Standing There]]"
# "[[Misery (The Beatles song)|Misery]]"
# "[[Anna (Go to Him)]]"
# "[[Chains (song)|Chains]]"
# "[[Boys (Dixon/Farrell song)|Boys]]"
# "'''Ask Me Why'''"
# "[[Please Please Me (song)|Please Please Me]]"
;Side two
# "[[Love Me Do]]"
# "[[P.S. I Love You (The Beatles song)|P.S. I Love You]]"
# "[[Baby It's You]]"
# "[[Do You Want to Know a Secret]]"
# "[[A Taste of Honey (song)|A Taste of Honey]]"
# "[[There's a Place]]"
# "[[Twist and Shout]]"}}
}}{{Infobox Single <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->|
| Name          = Ask Me Why
| Name          = Ask Me Why
| Cover          =Please Please Me 45.jpg
| Cover          =Please Please Me 45.jpg

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“Ask Me Why”
“Ask Me Why” cover
Single by The Beatles
from the album Please Please Me
A-side "Please Please Me"
Released 11 January, 1963 (UK)
25 February, 1963 (US)
Recorded 26 November 1962
Genre Beat, Rock and roll
Length 2:24
Label Parlophone R4983 (UK)
Vee-Jay 498 (US)
Writer(s) McCartney/Lennon
Producer George Martin

...was first presented to a national audience via the BBC, on a show entitled "Teenagers Turn (Here We Go)", recorded on June 11, 1962, and broadcast on June 15, 1962.

It features Pete Best as the drummer in the broadcast, although Ringo Starr had replaced him by the time the song was actually recorded in Abbey Road Studios on November 26, 1962, at approximately nine o'clock pm.

Six takes of Ask Me Why were recorded,the sixth deemed as the best. This is a live version, with no overdubs or edits.

The song also appears on the Hamburg Star Club Tapes 1962 (the US version released in 1977 named "The Beatles Live! At the Star-Club in Hamburg Germany 1962")

It is a very obscure song, only mentioned by any of the Beatles in passing, most notably in reference to choosing a B-Side for "Please Please Me". It was between "Ask Me Why" and another Lennon-McCartney penned song named "Tip Of My Tongue" for this B-side, the latter ultimately being rejected by producer George Martin, citing it needed more work. "Tip Of My Tongue" was finally handed off to Tommy Quickly to record, which he did in July of 1963.

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