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July 8, 2009: Dr. Ebbetts - Creater of Many Beatles Remasters from Vinyl - is Retiring!

Dr. Ebbetts sent out an email to his many fans, stating that he'd heard some of the new Beatles remasters coming out on September 9, 2009, that they are far superior to his remasters from pristine vinyl, and that he'd no longer be offering his remasters and was abandoning his years-long project. As he said, he only initiated his project of creating remasters because the Beatles CDs on the market, produced in 1988, were inferior.

Dr Ebbetts took The Beatles blue box releases, which many believe is the best vinyl representation of the original Beatles recordings, and put on a beautiful polish. Digitally transfered from virgin vinyl and remastered with meticulous attention to detail, Dr. Ebbetts brought out the warmth and shine sorely lacking from the official EMI releases. The blue box collection of re-masters is considered by many to be the best versions of The Beatles albums available.

Read Dr. Ebbetts' email...

Beatles Revolution Take 20 Surfaces

February 24, 2009

[ Listen to 10-minute version of "Revolution 1" on the "Never Get Out of the Boat" blog »

A long rumoured "Take 20" of the Beatles' Revolution has surfaced. Mark Lewisohn had described it in his exhaustive and detailed The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions: The Official Story of the Abbey Road Years 1962-1970 from 1988. Since word got out on this in late February 2009, the YouTube version has been yanked due to a complaint from EMI. I had a chance to download the MP3 and give it a listen, and it's amazing! Well worth the wait. Listen to it here.

One source speculates Fred Seaman stole the tapes from Yoko's Dakota digs after Lennon was murdered. The Fred Seaman story...

Great article on the track and the sessions by Rip Rense

From Beatles Examiner:

A newly surfaced outtake of the Beatles' song "Revolution" from a bootleg CD is causing much discussion and buzz among Beatle fans on the internet.
The song, RM1 of take 20, recorded June 4, 1968, clocks in at around 11 minutes and starts with an engineer announcing the take then John Lennon saying, "Take your knickers off and let's go." It also gives sonic evidence, as was documented by Mark Lewisohn in "The Complete Beatles Recording Session," that a lot of experimentation and improvisation went into "Revolution" before it was trimmed to the tighter version that was released on the White Album.
The song then begins as "Revolution 1" does on the White Album, but the guitar strumming is extended. The differences continue with Lennon vocal experimentation and previously unheard sound effects. The end of the track features an almost comic chorus of "Mama, Dada, Mama, Dada" sung by Paul McCartney and George Harrison. None of this, of course, appeared on the White Album.

Purple Chick Downloads

You can download high-res versions of the Purple Chick remasters here.

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