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The Beatles Wiki is, at this point, an Oral History of the Beatles. There is already tons of information on the Internet about the Beatles and their songs and albums so, in terms of the individual song pages, we've decided to have the primary content be quotes from those involved in the recordings at the time — the Beatles, George Martin, Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall, as well as wives and kids. In other words, let the principals speak for themselves about the amazing body of work they created.

We also welcome content creators to write an original biography of the band and its members and fill in other content, to make The Beatles Wiki a even better resource on this great band's music. Contributors are encouraged to write articles and suggest new content.

This wiki was developed and is managed by Tim Ware, who has a Website design and development company, HyperArts, located in Oakland, California. Tim also developed the extensive suite of wikis exploring the novels of American novelist Thomas Pynchon, as well as the wiki for the late David Foster Wallace's amazing novel Infinite Jest.

Our goal is to have a well organized and written resource for Beatles fans, which is why this is a moderated wiki — all requests to become an editor must first be approved.

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