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[[File:Quarrymen-June22-Charlie-Roberts.jpg|center|375px|thumb|caption|Photo: &copy; Charles Roberts]]
[[File:Quarrymen-June22-Charlie-Roberts.jpg|center|375px|thumb|caption|Photo: &copy; Charles Roberts]]

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The very first photograph of John Lennon performing in public!
High-quality limited-edition giclée print, signed by the photographer Charles Roberts
Beatleswiki and Charles Roberts are now making available a limited-edition archival-quality 8" x 11" giclée print, restored, produced and signed by Charlie. The photo, shipped to you from Liverpool, is professionally matted. Satisfaction guaranteed! The photo is crisp and clear, the best ever.

In June 1957, John's pal Charlie Roberts organized the Rosebery Street party and took along his mum's Kodak Brownie camera to photograph the Quarrymen's first public appearance. He took a number of photos, but only 3 have survived the decades.

Charles' iconic image of John Lennon performing with the Quarrymen at the Rosebery Street party on June 22, 1957 is the first known photograph of John playing in public (or anywhere else).

About the Print

Dimensions: 8" x 10"
Paper: Archival-quality giclé paper with matte finish

Photo: © Charles Roberts

Name for Inscription

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