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Charles Roberts - 1957 Quarrymen Photograph with John Lennon

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The very first photograph of John Lennon performing in public!
High-quality limited-edition giclée print, signed by the photographer Charles Roberts

You have done a marvelous job in restoring Charlie's photo. I have made a couple of attempts myself but none of them have attained the perfection of your achievement. It's brilliant!— Rod Davis, the Original Quarrymen

The Perfect Gift for Beatles Fans

In June 1957, Charlie Roberts organized the Rosebery Street party in Liverpool and took along his mum's borrowed Kodak Brownie camera to photograph his pals John Lennon and the Quarrymen's first public appearance. He took a number of photos, but only 3 have survived the decades.

You've seen Charles Roberts' photo in Philip Norman's Shout, various Mark Lewisohn books, the film Imagine, and The Beatles Anthology.

But until now it's NEVER been offered for sale as a quality print, and signed by the photographer! This limited edition is crisp and clear... far better than any currently published versions!

Charles' iconic image of John Lennon performing with the Quarrymen at the Rosebery Street party on June 22, 1957 is the first known photograph of John playing in public (or anywhere else).

Interview with Charles Roberts

Charles Roberts
Charles speaks at length about the early days in Liverpool, hanging out with Lennon and McCartney, and how his iconic photos came to be.

Read the interview »

Detail - John Lennon at 16 years!

(frame not included)
Photo: © Charles Roberts

Own this Iconic John Lennon Photo

Limited-edition archival-quality 11" x 17" giclée print, beautifully restored by Tim Ware, produced and signed by Charles Roberts, and professionally matted. You can have the print either signed or inscribed. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity and is shipped to you from Liverpool.

Price: $195 (includes shipping)

Please select either "Signed" or "Inscribed"...

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