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George Harrison

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George Harrison
Black-and-white shot of George, in his 20s, with long, dark hair.
George Harrison in 1966.
Background information
Also known as Carl Harrison
L'Angelo Misterioso
Hari Georgeson
Nelson/Spike Wilbury
George Harrysong
George O'Hara-Smith
Born 25 February 1943(1943-02-25)
Liverpool, England, UK
Died 29 November 2001(2001-11-29) (aged 58)
Los Angeles, California, US
Genres Rock, pop, psychedelic rock, experimental, world
Occupations Musician, singer-songwriter, actor, record, film producer, gardener
Instruments Guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards, ukulele, mandolin, sitar, tambura, sarod, swarmandal
Years active 1958–2001
Labels Parlophone, Capitol, Swan, Apple, Vee-Jay, EMI, Dark Horse
Associated acts The Quarrymen, The Beatles, Traveling Wilburys, Dhani Harrison, Ravi Shankar
Notable instruments
Gretsch Country Gentleman
Rosewood Telecaster

Check out this lovely slideshow of very rare Harrison photos on try to imagine the soul entering the womb of the woman living 12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree, Liverpool 15: there were all the barrage balloons, and the Germans bombing Liverpool.

—George Harrison, I Me Mine, p.19-20, 1980

George, age 17.
I liked music since I can remember. I can remember One Meat Ball, very early, Hong Kong Blues, that's one of the first songs I can remember (I must have been about four) a real bluesy song. Those were happy times. I went out with my parents from when I was a baby and we went out a lot. I remember being at one place or another, dancing at the club or at old Mrs. Such and Such. I remember as a baby standing on a little leather stool, singing "One Meat Ball."

—George Harrison, I Me Mine, p.28, 1980

It took from four o'clock to five to get home in the evening to the outskirts of the Speke estate and it was on that bus journey that I met Paul McCartney, because he, being in the same school, had the same uniform and was going the same way as I was so I started hanging out with him. His mother was a midwife and he had a trumpet.

—George Harrison, I Me Mine, p.28, 1980

Songwriting for me, at the time of Rubber Soul, was a bit frightening because John and Paul had been writing since they were three years old. It was hard to come in suddenly and write songs. They'd had a lot of practice. They'd written most of their bad songs before we'd even got into the recording studio. I had to come from nowhere and start writing, and have something with at least enough quality to put on the record alongside all the wondrous hits. It was very hard.

—George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology, p.194, 2000

George Harrison: Living in the Material World — Martin Scorcese

View this lovely trailer for the Scorcese George Harrison documentary that airs October 5 and 6, 2011, on HBO...

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