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I Saw Her Standing There

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“I Saw Her Standing There”
“I Saw Her Standing There” cover
Single by The Beatles
A-side "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
Released 29 November 1963 (UK)
13 January 1964 (US)
Format 7"
Recorded Abbey Road Studios
17 October 1963
Genre Beat
Length 2:55
Label Parlophone R5084
Writer(s) Lennon/McCartney
Producer George Martin
The Beatles singles chronology
"She Loves You" / "I'll Get You" (1963) "I Want to Hold Your Hand" / "I Saw Her Standing There"
(US 1964)
"This Boy"
(UK 1963)
"Can't Buy Me Love"/ "You Can't Do That"(1964)
That's Paul doing his usual job of producing what George Martin used to call a 'potboiler.' I helped with a couple of the lyrics.

—John Lennon, 1980

I wrote it with John. We sagged off school and wrote it on guitars. I remember I had the lyrics, 'Just seventeen/Never been a beauty queen,' which John... it was one of the first times he ever went, 'What? Must change that!' And it became, 'you know what I mean.'

—Paul McCartney, 1988

Sometimes we would just start a song from scratch, but one of us would nearly always have a germ of an idea, a title, or a rough little thing they were thinking about and we'd do it. 'I Saw Her Standing There' was my original. I'd started it and I had the first verse, which therefore gave me the tune, the tempo, and the key. It gave you the subject matter, alot of information, and then you had to fill in. So it was co-written... and we finished it that day.

—Paul McCartney, 1994


Watch the Beatles performing I Saw Her Standing There:

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