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Why another Beatles Web resource?

Well, although there are already thousands of Beatles-related websites, I wanted to have a different approach to the albums and songs, an oral history, with quotes from the Beatles and their producer George Martin, as well as others in the inner circle, plus quotes from acknowledged experts on The Beatles. Each entry includes an "infobox" (as developed by Wikipedia), and each song entry includes the best-quality YouTube video available for that song (which are frequently zapped by EMI and have to be replaced!).

I hope there are some Beatles fans out there who'd like to be a part of this project.

Cheers! Tim

We're looking for Beatle fans who can write!

If you'd like to become a contributor to the Beatles Wiki, we'd love to hear from you. We need folks who are mildly tech savvy (are comfortable using the Wiki format), can write well, and love the Beatles, particularly the obscure.

There are many opportunities here to create content, e.g. The Beatles Bio, movies, books.

This is a moderated wiki; in order to become an editor/contributor, you'll need to request registration. Create an account.

We can help folks with the technical aspects of contributing to this wiki.

Some Featured External Beatles Resources

Beatles Lyrics

Beatles Lyrics Site – Uncluttered and ad-free! Great place to view the lyrics to all the Beatles songs.

"Revolution 1" (Take 20)

Listen to the amazing and revelatory 10-minute version of "Revolution 1" on the "Never Get Out of the Boat" blog ».

Beatles Videos – Many many Beatles videos and clips, organized by album, concerts, movies & radio, streamed from YouTube.

Beatles Bootlegs

"Steve's Beatles Page" – "A Comprehensive Collection of Beatles Bootlegs ... Purely for Educational Use"

And there's also The Bootleg Zone – Lots of Beatles bootlegs info here, as well.

Beatles News

Beatles Examiner Beatles blog by Steve Marinucci – Up-to-date news on living Beatles and their circle.

Breakfast with the Beatles (KLOS - 95.5) – Hosted by Chris Carter, DJ, in Los Angeles

Official Sites

External Links

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