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Just Like Starting Over:
John and The Quarrymen, My Teenage Years
by Charles Roberts

This is Charles Roberts' authentic story of events from the birth of the Quarrymen to the advent of the Beatles. He was there at the start of it all, photographing the first Quarrymen gig — John Lennon's first public performance (says Lennon, but the other Quarrymen say they'd played a number of public dates before the June 1957 Rosebery Street performance) — and hanging out with John and other Beatles and Beatlefolk.

This is a must-read for anyone who hungers to learn about The Beatles' Liverpool roots. Mr. Roberts' modest and wry sensibilities shine as he fills in the early timeline with fascinating context, color and detail. Many previously unseen (and some seen) photographs accompany his very readable, no-nonsense yet fun insider's account of first meetings, happenings, personalities, and influences. Every Beatles and Quarrymen fan and/or scholar should glean at least one new pearl from this wonderful book.

How to Purchase Just Like Starting Over

The edition — paperback,156 pp — is limited to 500 copies and is signed by Charles Roberts and and the three Quarrymen, Colin Hanton, Rod Davis and Len Garry.

The book is not on Amazon, as Charles had major problems with the publisher and decided to sell the books himself.

The book is $20 + $15 P+P to the United States; £15 + £3 P+P in the UK.

You can order a signed copy directly from Mr. Roberts at diondee321 at sky dot com. If you wish to have it inscribed (no add'l charge), request this in the email.

© Charles Roberts
The very first photograph of John Lennon performing in public!
Digitally restored, high-quality limited-edition giclée print,
signed by the photographer Charles Roberts

You have done a marvelous job in restoring Charlie's photo. I have made a couple of attempts myself but none of them have attained the perfection of your achievement. It's brilliant!
— Rod Davis, the Original Quarrymen

In June 1957, John Lennon's pal Charlie Roberts organized the Rosebery Street party and took along a friend's Kodak Brownie camera to photograph the Quarrymen's first public appearance to be photographed by anyone.

Beatleswiki and Charles Roberts are now making available a limited-edition of 300 archival-quality 8" x 10" giclée prints, beautifully restored by Tim Ware, and produced and each signed by Charles. The photo, shipped to you from Liverpool, is professionally matted. Satisfaction guaranteed! The photo is crisp and clear, the best ever.

Read more, and purchase the print before the edition sells out!

Photo: © Charles Roberts

(frame not included)
Is this Paul McCartney looking on at the Quarrymen's June 22, 1957 Rosebery Street party?

Legend has it that Paul first encountered John on 6 July 1957 at the Woolton St Peter's Church Garden Féte. Well, it may be true that they were introduced at that time, but the photo at right (taken by Charles Roberts), from the Quarrymen's Rosebery Street gig a couple weeks earlier, on 22 June 1957, shows McCartney (lower right corner), resplendent in his sports jacket and glasses (yes, Macca wore glasses!), checking out Lennon and his band, although it appears something else has caught Paul's eye...

I'm amazed this hasn't been noticed before!

Read on...

Quarrymen-mccartney 1957.jpg

Video about creating an EXACT reproduction of the "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" Victorian poster

Peter Dean is guy who made the print happen. From the Kite website:

This is a reproduction of the poster that inspired John Lennon to write the song Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, which appeared on The Beatles' 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It is printed in a limited edition of 1,967.

Lennon bought the poster in an antiques shop and hung it in his music room. While writing for Sgt. Pepper one day, he drew inspiration from the quirky, old-fashioned language and set the words to music.

Every effort has been made to be true to the original poster and it is printed using the same methods that would have been used in 1843. Every single print in this limited edition is individually inked and hand-pulled on a vintage Albion press. After drying, it is numbered by hand, in pencil at the lower right in the form #/1967. Each print also comes with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity.

Printed on archival-quality paper and featuring two wood-engravings by renowned artist Andy English, this reproduction is a not only a beautiful letterpress print in its own right, but a unique and fascinating item of Beatles memorabilia.

Check out the trailer for Martin Scorcese's George Harrison: Living in the Material World!

George Harrison: Living in the Material World debuted on HBO in two parts, on October 5 and 6, 2011. It includes in-depth interviews with George's wife Olivia, fellow Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Yoko Ono, Tom Petty, Terry Gilliam, and others. Olivia, who co-produced the documentary, provided Scorcese with access to never-before-seen home movies and photographs.

From: Rolling Stone website:

"When I took in the stories told by Olivia and his friends, studied the images and the interviews, and immersed myself in the music, I could see that he was trying to find a way to simplicity, a way to live truthfully and compassionately," says Scorsese. "It was never a straight line, but that's not the point. I think he found an understanding: that there's no such thing as 'success,' there's just the path. It's there in the life, and it's felt most deeply in the music — the songs, the harmonies, the grand soaring passages, the guitar breaks and the solos, like shining jewels."

Why another Beatles Web resource?

Yes, although there are already thousands of Beatles-related websites, I wanted to have a different approach — for the albums and songs, an oral history, with quotes from the Beatles and their producer George Martin, as well as others in the inner circle, plus quotes from acknowledged experts on the Beatles; for the other sections, such as the Beatles bio, movies & books, and new articles, high-quality and well written content such as James Perlman's detailed analysis of the audio quality and musicality of the new mono and stereo Beatles remasters.

I hope there are some Beatles fans out there who'd like to be a part of this project. Cheers! Tim

We're looking for Beatles fans who can write!

If you'd like to become a contributor to the Beatles Wiki, we'd love to hear from you. We need folks who are mildly tech savvy (are comfortable using the Wiki format), can write well, and love the Beatles, particularly the obscure.

There are many opportunities here to create content, e.g. The Beatles Bio, movies, books.

This is a moderated wiki; in order to become an editor/contributor, you'll need to request registration. Create an account.

We can help folks with the technical aspects of contributing to this wiki.

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