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Anna (Go to Him)

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"Anna (Go to Him)"
Song by The Beatles
Album Please Please Me
Released March 22, 1963 (mono)
April 26, 1963 (stereo)
Recorded February 11, 1963
Genre Soul
Length 2:54
Label Parlophone
Writer Arthur Alexander
Producer George Martin
Please Please Me track listing
February 11, 1963: John Lennon had a particularly heavy cold, clearly indicated by his between-takes chatter on the preserved session tapes. So how did they keep going? Norman Smith (EMI recording engineer) remembers. 'They had a big glass jar of Zubes throat sweets on top of the piano, rather like the ones you see in a sweet shop. Paradoxically, by the side of that, was a big carton of Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes which they smoked incessantly.' [...] John sang lead vocal on Arthur Alexander's 'Anna (Go To Him)', recorded in three takes.

The Beatles Recording Sessions, Mark Lewisohn, 1988

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