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Song by The Beatles
Album Please Please Me
Released March 22, 1963 (mono)
April 26, 1963 (stereo)
Recorded February 11, 1963
Genre Rock and roll
Length 2:24
Label Parlophone
Writer Luther Dixon/Wes Farrell
Producer George Martin
Please Please Me track listing
February 11, 1963: Ringo took lead vocal for the first time in the recording studio on the Shirelles' 'Boys', recorded in just one take, although because the song required a faded ending this was done at the remix stage, on 25 February.

The Beatles Recording Sessions, Mark Lewisohn, 1988

Any one of us could hold the audience. Ringo would do 'Boys', which was a fan favourite with the crowd. And it was great — though if you think about it, here's us doing a song and it was really a girls' song. 'I talk about boys now!' Or it was a gay song. But we never even listened. It's just a great song. I think that's one of the things about youth — you just don't give a shit. I love the innocence of those days.

—Paul McCartney, 19__

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