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I'm Looking Through You

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"I'm Looking Through You"
Song by The Beatles
Album Rubber Soul
Released 3 December 1965
Recorded 11 November 1965,
EMI Studios, London
Genre Folk rockTemplate:Sfn
Length 2:27
Label Parlophone
Writer Lennon/McCartney
Producer George Martin
Rubber Soul track listing
Paul. He must have had an argument with Jane Asher.

—John Lennon, The Playboy Interviews, p.165, 1980

As is one's wont in relationships, you will from time to time argue or not see eye to eye on things, and a couple of the songs around this period were that kind of thing. This one I remember particularly as me being disillusioned over Jane Asher's commitment. ... Suffice it to say that this one was probably related to that romantic episode and I was seeing through her facade. ... I would write it out in a song and then I've got rid of the emotion. I don't hold grudges so that gets rid of that little bit of emotional baggage. 'I'm looking through you, and you're not there! I think it's totally my song. I don't remember any of John's assistance.

—Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now by Barry Miles, p.276, 1994

A lot of time to spend on a song later to be re-made entirely differently, not just once but twice. This interesting new Paul McCartney number was stacked with potential but there was obviously some difficulty in recording it to everyone's satisfaction. That's not to say that anything was wrong with this first recording. In fact, if there was such a thing as an album of the best 'alternate' Beatles recordings this take one of 'I'm Looking Through You' would be an automatic choice along with, so far, 'This Bird Has Flown' and 'And I Love Her'. Predominant in this version were handclaps and acoustic guitar, maraca, organ, electric guitar and great, great vocals. To this writer it sounds superb, just as good as the re-remake. The Beatles obviously thought differently.

—Mark Lewisohn, The Beatles Recording Sessions, p.65, 1988


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