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Tell Me Why (The Beatles song)

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"Tell Me Why"
Song by The Beatles
Album A Hard Day's Night
Released 10 June 1964 (mono)
10 July 1964 (stereo)
Recorded 27 February 1964
Abbey Road Studios
Genre Rock and roll
Length 2:10
Label Parlophone
Writer Lennon/McCartney
Producer George Martin
A Hard Day's Night track listing
I think a lot of these songs like 'Tell Me Why' may have been been based in real experiences or affairs John was having or arguments with Cynthia or whatever, but it never occurred to us until later to put that slat on it all.

—Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now, p.164, 1997

'Tell Me Why'... they needed another upbeat song and I just knocked it off. It was like a black, New York girl-group song."

—John Lennon, 1980

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