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With The Beatles

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With The Beatles
Studio album by The Beatles
Released 22 November 1963
Recorded 18 July – 23 October 1963 at Abbey Road Studios, London
Genre Rock
Length 32:24
Label Parlophone
Producer George Martin
The Beatles chronology
Please Please Me
With The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night
They had to fit in the square format of the cover, so rather than have them all in a line, I put Ringo in the bottom right corner, since he was the last to join the group. He was also the shortest.

—Robert Freeman, Photographer, The Beatles: A Private View, 1990

He arranged us in a hotel corridor: it was very un-studio-like. The corridor was very dark, and there was a window at the end, and by using this heavy source of natural light coming from the right, he got that very moody picture which most people think he must have worked at forever and ever. But it was only an hour. He sat down, took a couple of rolls, and that was it.

—Paul McCartney, 19__

Several of the songs were hardly written before we went into the studio. In some cases, we'd just got the general idea for a number. For instance, the middle eight might be missing. Our recording manager George Martin would pop out for a drink or something, and in the meantime we would finish it off. When he came back, we'd have quickly added words and a bit more tune.

—George Harrison, 1964

November 22, 1963, was the 9/11 of its era — a day of abrupt, shocking catastrophe. Driving through Dallas in his open-topped limousine, President John F. Kennedy was shot dead. On that same day, in London, Parlophone Records released the first great album of the decade. But this LP was 'With The Beatles' [...] Where the killing of Kennedy suggested the crushing of youthful hope and the onset of a morbidly pessimistic age, the arrival of The Beatles in the global imagination would herald the very opposite.

—Paul Du Noyer, The Beatles: 10 Years That Shook The World, Mojo magazine, 2004

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