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Yellow Submarine (album)

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Yellow Submarine
Soundtrack by The Beatles and George Martin
Released 13 January 1969
Recorded 12 May 1967 – 11 February 1968 (The Beatles) and 22–23 October 1968 (George Martin), Abbey Road Studios, London
Genre Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Soundtrack
Length 40:12
Label Apple (Parlophone)
Producer George Martin
The Beatles chronology
The Beatles
Yellow Submarine
Abbey Road
Yellow Submarine is a thing for the children. Kids are the most important people in the world today. They are the future. We do things for children. The cartoons illustrate some of our songs, that's all.

—Ringo Starr, 1968

When it came to making the soundtrack album which the producers wanted, there were more problems. The Beatles were still holding themselves remote from the whole enterprise. [...] The Beatles decided to issue an EP of their four new songs from the film. For their part, the film people wanted me to put out an LP of the background score, with voices from the film and with narration. [...] [T]he record was to be a combination of words and music, rather like Peter and the Wolf. We were about to start work on that, when suddenly the Beatles changed their collective mind. 'No, we don't want to do that,' they said. 'We want to have a long-playing record.' What they had realised, of course, was that EPs didn't sell in America, while LPs did.

—George Martin, All You Need Is Ears, 1994

So it was decided that the album should have their music on one side and mine on the other. To their four new songs they added 'Yellow Submarine,' which had originally been a single, and 'All You Need Is Love.' On my side there were 'Pepperland,' Sea of Time,' 'Sea of Holes,' 'Sea of Monsters,' 'March of the Meanies,' 'Pepperland Laid Waste,' and 'Yellow Submarine in Pepperland,' all of which I re-recorded. [...] The success of Yellow Submarine soon paid dividends for me.

—George Martin, All You Need Is Ears, 1994

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