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A Hard Day's Night (album)

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A Hard Day's Night
Studio album by The Beatles
Released 10 July 1964
Recorded 29 January – 3 June 1964 at Abbey Road Studios, London, and Pathé Marconi Studios, Paris
Genre Rock
Length 30:45
Label Parlophone
Producer George Martin
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A Hard Day's Night
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Singles from A Hard Day's Night
  1. "Can't Buy Me Love"/"You Can't Do That"
    Released: 16 March 1964
  2. "A Hard Day's Night"/"Things We Said Today"
    Released: 10 July 1964
Now, with this album in your library, you have a collection of Beatle recordings which is comprehensive and up to date. At the same time it is interesting to remember that the LP housed within this sleeve is the first-ever album release to be made up entirely of self-composed and self-performed Beatle compositions.

—Tony Barrow, Beatles' Press and Public Relations Division, original liner notes, 1964

All of the songs, except for "A Hard Day's Night," were written independently of what I was writing. Paul and John wrote them and they were woven into the script as things came up. None of them bear any relation to the story. They were just numbers.

—Alun Owen, Screenwriter, A Hard Day's Night, from A Hard Day's Write by Steve Turner, 1994

Without having seen the script, the Beatles had to write seven songs for the film. Two of these were written in Paris during January 1964, four were written the next month in Miami during a single two hour burst, and the title track was written in London.

—Steve Turner, A Hard Day's Write: The Stories Behind Every Beatles Song, 1994

They had dispensed with the twin-track recording of their previous two albums and were now using four-track tape machines, which allowed much greater flexibility. [...] The Beatles first recorded on four-track in October, 1963 and continued to do so until eight-track became available during sessions for The Beatles ('The White Album') in the summer of 1968. [...] A Hard Day's Night was completed in 65 hours spread across seventeen days — the last on 22nd June, 1964 was a nine-hour mixing session.

—Recording Notes, A Hard Day's Night Remaster, 2009

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