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Baby's in Black

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"Baby's in Black"
Song by The Beatles
Album Beatles for Sale
Released 4 December 1964
Recorded 11 August 1964,
EMI Studios, London
Genre Country rock
Length 2:02
Label EMI, Parlophone, Capitol
Writer Lennon/McCartney
Producer George Martin
Beatles for Sale track listing
We wanted to write something a little bit darker, bluesy, the title's dark anyway. It's in 3/4 time, one of the first waltzes we wrote, which was interesting for us because most of our stuff's in 4/4. It was very much co-written and we both sang it. Sometimes the harmony that I was writing in sympathy to John's melody would take over and become a stronger melody. Suddenly a piebald rabbit came out of the hat! When people wrote out the music score they would ask, 'Which one is the melody?' because it was co-written that you could actually take either. We rather liked this one. It was not so much a work job, there was a bit more cred about this one. It's got a good middle.

—Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now by Barry Miles, p.175, 1997

For this album we rehearsed only the new ones. Songs like 'Honey Don't' and 'Everbody's Trying to Be My Baby,' we'd played live so often that we only had to get a sound on them and do them. But with songs like 'Baby's In Black,' we had to learn and rehearse them.

—George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology, p.160, 2000

Written together in the same room.

—John Lennon, 1980

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