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Every Little Thing (song)

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"Every Little Thing"
Song by The Beatles
Album Beatles for Sale
Released 4 December 1964
Recorded 29–30 September 1964,
EMI Studios, London
Genre Rock
Length 2:01
Label Parlophone
Writer Lennon/McCartney
Producer George Martin
Beatles for Sale track listing

John and I got this one written in Atlantic City during our last tour of the States. John does the guitar riff for this one, and George is on acoustic. Ringo bashes some timpani drums for the big noises you hear.

—Paul McCartney, 1964

'Every Little Thing' is his [Paul's] song. Maybe I threw in something.

—John Lennon, The Playboy Interviews, 1980

'Every Little Thing,' like most of the stuff I did, was my attempt at the next single ... It was something I thought was quite good but it became an album filler rather than the great almighty single. It didn't have quite what was required.

—Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now, p.174, 1997

'Every Little Thing' , concluded in the afternoon session, was evidently a fun recording. Take six was aborted when Paul burped a vocal instead of singing it, take seven was complete but ended in uproarious laughter. And Ringo was having fun with an instrument new to Beatles recordings — timpani. This appeared for the first time on take nine, along with the guitar intro and piano piece.

—Mark Lewisohn, The Beatles Recording Sessions, p.49, 1988

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